10:00 AM

Opening remarks & How to Get Funded in A Post-COVID Economy

From survey results, gathered from entrepreneurs we will explore the common questions, pitfalls, and struggles for entrepreneurs seeking access to capital. This will be a gamified Family Feud session. For the last part of the session, we will take questions from the audience.


  • Kevin Cadette—Executive Director Black Angels Miami
  • Travis Holoway—Solo Funds and Kala Gibson Executive VP 5/3 Bank
  • Kala Gibson—Executive VP 5/3 Bank
  • Carmen West—Managing Partner 641B Capital Fund

Moderators: Mimi Shalash and Rob Richardson

11:30 AM

Expo Open

12:15 PM

Breakout Sessions:

Concurrent, but no main stage at same time

1. Crowd Investing: the Future is Now

Cheryl Campos, Director of Growth & Partnerships at Republic Unicorns

These startups reach the valuation of over $1B. If you find and invest in one at an early stage, you could earn a significant return on investment. While no one can predict which companies will become unicorns, Republic gives you access to companies who have the potential to become one. Learn how they are changing the face and method of angel investing. (45 minutes)

2. DEMO: The Power of Google

Andy Lawrence, Google

How your small business can leverage the power of automation with Google. (45 Minutes)

3. The Right Way to Pitch

Monique Idlett Mosley, Reign Ventures
Jewel Burke Solomon, Google Start Ups and Collab Capital Prerecord

Best practices and approaches for getting funded as a start up.

1:45 PM

Expo Break

2:15 PM

Breakout Sessions:

Concurrent, but no mainstage at same time

1. The Human Connection of Technology:
Getting the foundation right (your team and concept)

Understanding automation is not just for large corporations, its vital for any startup and growing business. Artificial Intelligence is less impactful unless you understand the human connections and problems you are seeking to solve. Artificial intelligence must have empathy and be more connected with the communities it impacts. Learn the tricks of the trade and the latest trends in automation.  It’s not so much article intelligence as it is augmented intelligence. (90 minutes, Q&A 30 minutes)


  • Will Hayes—Lucidworks
  • Doug McCollough—CIO City of Dublin
  • Lauren Burke—Women in Analytics

2. Winning in the New World Order of Equity Crowdfunding

Innovation and sustained economic growth only happen with an inclusive economy, yet just 1% of VC-backed founders are Black. Black women are the opening the most businesses of any demographic, yet only account for .0006 of VC capital and Latino women .32 percent. Learn how crowd equity funding is disrupting the old methods of funding and creating a new world order for funding black and brown entrepreneurs. In this session you will learn how these disruptors didn’t follow the traditional path of venture capital financing, they created their own path, and you can too. (90 minutes, Q&A 30 minutes)

Speakers: Maxeme Tuchman—Caribu and Dawn Dickson—Popcom

3:30 PM

Expo Break

4:15 PM

Branding in a Black Lives Matter Movement: Why Finding Your Voice and Knowing Your Brand is essential for Success in 2020

In 2020 it’s now become mainstream to be socially conscious. Everyone from the NFL to the NBA, to startups and corporations, it’s now popular and universally accepted to say black lives matter. No matter what the moment, it’s always powerful and effective to be real and authentic.  Consumers are asking for transparency; they are savvy and understand the value exchange.

How and what can your business do to create value at this moment?

How and what should brands do to capitalize on this next phase?

Attend this session and learn:

  • How to drive engagement without losing the element of ‘real-ness’

  • How to prioritize authenticity in your strategies to secure long-term audience relationships

  • How to execute influencer marketing campaigns which are compelling, creative and spark meaningful conversations with consumers


  • Theo Dumont—Managing Partner of Alta Media and the PR firm for Spike Lee
  • Karla Ferguson—Yeelen Group
  • Phylicia Fant—Co-CEO of Urban at Columbia

Moderator: Brooke Thomas

5:45 PM

Expo Break

6:00 PM

Network Tank Sessions

Shark Tank meets network speed dating. Attendees will be in one of three rooms where the speakers will rotate in and out of.  The attendees can all be in one room while the speakers come in and out. Select attendees will be able to make their “pitch” or ask a question. Three of these rooms will operate concurrently. All with have interaction and animations. (1 hour)

7:00 PM

Power Meet-up

8:15 PM

Virtual After Party

Black Bourbon Party and Reception