Disruption 2020


SEPTEMBER 12, 2020

What is the Disruption Now Summit?

We believe innovation is a rebellion and disruption against the status quo. Equity won’t happen for communities of color waiting on institutions or the government to save us, we must organize and invest collectively.

This is a summit for black and brown entrepreneurs to connect, network, learn new skills, and to build or grow your business. This will not be a zoom meeting or a boring webinar. Disruption Now Summit will be like no other virtual event you have attended.

Who Is it For?

Diverse Entrepreneurs and Allies

seeking to connect with corporate clients, network with other successful entrepreneurs, and connect with potential investors.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

seeking to learn how to scale your business, learn the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate your business, or access capital through crowdfunding, venture capital or banks.

Job Seekers

looking to work in tech, finance or for emerging startups.

At Disruption Now Summit, you will:

  • Interact with peers, industry leaders, and corporate executives.

  • Learn new skills for the job, promotion or raise you to deserve.

  • Network with top tech companies and speak directly with recruiters hiring onsite.

  • Learn from startups and engage with successful entrepreneurs.

  • Interact with leading investors and venture capitalists.

  • Learn about emerging trends in AI, crowd investing, marketing, and more.

Not just another webinar!

Why Disruption Now?

In these times we must disrupt: Black and brown communities are underrepresented in corporate leadership and underfunded as founders.

  • Just 1% of Venture Capitalist-backed founders are Black.
  • Black women are the opening the most businesses of any demographic, yet only account for .0006% of venture capitalist capital.

Equity won’t happen for communities of color waiting on institutions or government to save us. We must organize and invest collectively.

Join us at the Disruption Now Summit!



Alexander Star

Emmy-nominated Impact Artist

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Andy Lawrence

Customer Engineer, Google

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Carmen West

Founder, 641B Capital Fund

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Cheryl Campos

Director of Growth & Partnerships, Republic

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Dawn Dickson

CEO, PopCom

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Jewel Burks-Solomon

Head of Google for Startups and Founder, Partpic

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Kala Gibson

Executive Vice President and Head of Business Banking, Fifth Third Bank

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Karla Ferguson

Founder & CEO, Yeelen Group

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Kevin Cadette

Executive Director, Black Angels Miami

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Lauren Burke

Director of Operations, Women in Analytics and Data Scientist, CoverMyMeds

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Maxeme Tuchman

CEO and Co-founder, Caribu

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Monique Idlett-Mosley

Founder and Managing Partner, Reign Ventures

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Phylicia Fant

Head of Urban Music, Columbia Records

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Theo Dumont

Managing Partner & Co-founder, Alta Global Media

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Travis Holoway

Co-founder and CEO, SoLo Funds

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Will Hayes

CEO, Lucidworks

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TRACK 1: Access to capital

  • Looking at venture capital funds
  • How to connect people to funds
  • Fintech - disrupts payday loans

TRACK 2: Barriers/Opportunities

  • Finding good co-founders
  • Self-awareness
  • Building an effective team
  • Case studies 

TRACK 3: Using Technology

  • Automation
  • Cybersecurity